Birley Community Primary School
Thornbridge Avenue
Sheffield, S12 3AB

Telephone: 0114 2399002


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Primary (c3 – 11/12 years)
20 Places

Sheffield South Primary Partnership is a partnership of more than 20 schools, mostly based in the south of Sheffield, who are committed to sharing best practice and learning from each other. We have been recruiting to our programme since 2014 and we currently have our second cohort starting their course.

Working with Sheffield Hallam University we can provide a high quality school-based training, delivered by outstanding practitioners, as well as the high quality academic input from the University.

Our schools serve a full mix of communities throughout Sheffield. We are focused on achieving high standards through developing the best teaching and learning with highly inclusive practice. Our children are delightful and deserve the best.

Our schools generally achieve above the national averages with good and improving Ofsted profiles. We have a proven track record of working together to improve outcomes.

Our staff benefit from a wide range of opportunities for professional development, including school-to-school visits. We provide many opportunities for our staff to develop their careers within our partnership and have an environment that nurtures and supports staff.

Training Team

Rich Lian – Lead Initial Teacher Education Coordinator (LITEC)

Rich is the Assistant Headteacher of one of our partner primary schools, Woodhouse West.
Rich is a highly qualified, widely experienced primary teacher. His own classroom practice is outstanding and he brings that knowledge to his role as LITEC for our partnership. He is seconded for part of the week to our partnership and works closely with all students, providing personal support and guidance. At the same time he organises our taught programme, delivering key aspects himself.
Our programme is quality assured by Rich and is delivered by a wide range of serving teachers from across our partnership schools, from Headteachers to classroom specialists, including secondary teachers to help with subject specialisms.

Partner Schools

Athelstan Primary School
Ballifield Primary School
Beighton Nursery and Infant School
Birley Community Primary School
Birley Spa Community Primary School
Brook House Junior School
Brunswick Community Primary School
Charnock Hall Primary School
Coit Primary School
Dore Primary School
Ecclesfield Primary School
Emmanuel Anglican/|Methodist Junior School

Halfway Junior School
Halfway Nursery and Infant School
Intake Primary School
Mosborough Primary School
Rainbow Forge Primary School
Reignhead Primary School
Shortbrook Primary School
Stradbroke Primary School
Waterthorpe Infant School
Woodhouse West Primary School
Woodthorpe Primary School